JAPAN Tradition to the WORLD

We import selected grade sake and play a role as a Japanese sake ambassador in Vancouver, Canada.

We believe that our sake is unique, popular and high quality, and these sake can be provided for any of you who are willing to enjoy sips of Japanese tradition in Canada where is far from the original country, Japan. Our sake is from two selected sake breweries; Saito Shuzo and CHOYA.

You can find our premium sake not only at liquor stores or Japanese restaurants, but also at many Western style, Korean and Chinese restaurants in Canada.

Latest News

● New SAKE products Arrived
We are so excited to announce our new SAKE selections from Dewazakura Sake Brewery (Yamagata).


The Dewazakura Sake Brewery was established in 1892. It is located on the northern part of Japan, Tohoku region, Yamagata Prefecture. Dewazakura has been brewing sake using the advanced traditional skills of their experienced brewery workers. They have been committed to process and quality for the brewery.

ICHIRO and DEWANO SATO have won the title of Champion Sake with the International Wine Challenge (IWC).

Saito Shuzo

This old family owned brewery has been running for more than 110 years in Fushimi, Kyoto, where is well known for its some of the purest underground spring water.

Saito Shuzo’s one of the most famous products called “ICHIGIN” won the Gold Prize at the annual Sake Exhibition for 14 consecutive years.


Everyone has heard of the name of this brand. CHOYA is the best known for its Ume-shu which is a Japanese plum liqueur made from ume fruit in alcohol with sugar.

This sweet temptation can be seen everywhere in Japan, and became one of the most popular fruit based liqueur in all over the world.